DIY Farmhouse table (how I turned my ugly table into a farmhouse table)

How I turned my ugly ‘ol dining room table into a BEAUTIFUL Farmhouse table.

Over 10 years ago Mr. Muscles and I bought our dining room set from friends. It was practically new – they still had the plastic on the seat cushions!!! The table is nice and big, has 6 chairs and a nice hutch with lights and mirrors! Its really a nice set … and we got it for a STEAL!

But after 10 years, my whole dining room was begging to be made pretty again. 

“Please, make me pretty again!”

My initial idea was to paint the base of the table in the GF Persian Blue milk paint (to match the hutch) and the table top in GF Antique White  milk paint and distress it. But once I put on the 4 COATS! of the GF Antique White milk paint, I realized it only looked worse.

See, not very pretty. In fact, I was mortified!

SOOOOOO… I decided to make a DIY farmhouse table!

Materials Used:

1x6x8 premium pine boards

General Finishes Persian Blue milk paint
General Finishes Antique White milk paint
General Finishes High Performance Top Coat
General Finishes Winter White glaze
Minwax Early American stain
Minwax Wood Conditioner
Miter Saw
Paint brush, sanding sponge (220 grit), hammer, nails, tack cloth, drop cloths

There are more frugal ways to do this, but what I did was head on down to Lowes to check out their wood selection. For some reason, I felt awkward strolling into the lumber section! I mean, I am a LOWES FANATIC… It’s one of my VERY FAVORITE stores!  But going into the lumber section, where you know …. CONTRACTORS and REAL PROFESSIONALS go made me nervous! So just in case you feel the same way – you’re not alone. And, BTW… after the first time I entered that end of Lowes, I was COMPLETELY over my fear!

Keeping in mind my table was just under 6 feet long and 36 inches wide, I decided to buy 1x6x8. I got 6 of them… do you know where this is going?? I also chose the premium grade pine boards because they were already so smooth and pretty! 

I got them home, cut them to 6 feet on my trusted miter saw and placed them on the table – RIGHT ON TOP OF THE TABLE. I moved them around a few times to make sure I liked how they lined up against each other. That’s when I realized I had made an OOOPPPPSSSIIEEEE.. duh – 1×6’s are REALLY 5.5 inches wide, NOT 6!. So back to Lowes to buy one more board!

Once I got all 7 boards lined up, I simply nailed them onto my existing table. And using my favorite nail set, sunk the nails in.

I filled in some of the wider gaps with wood filler. I let it dry. I sanded. 

After the wood filler was dry, I wiped wood conditioner on the planks with a rag.

Once that dried, I applied 3 coats of Minwax Early American stain, allowing each coat to dry between coats.

Then I applied 2 coats of GF High Performance Top Coat– of course letting each application dry before doing another one.

While the stain was drying, I painted the base of the table in GF Persian Blue Milk Paint (nope, no primer needed!), and then a coat of GF Winter White glaze, and finally topped off with 2 coats of GF High Performance Top Coat.

And VIOLLA! I have a BEAUUUUUTIFIL DIY farmhouse table I AM IN LOVE WITH!!!!!!


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Stay Tuned for the ENTIRE DINING ROOM REVEAL! (spoiler alert!!…the base table base isn’t staying Persian Blue….)