About Me

Hi! I’m Nancy! A working mom, lover of shoes, wine and ALL THINGS DIY! My husband often used to ask me “do you know what you’re doing”?  Um, “NO! But that doesn’t stop me!”. He has learned not to ask!

Lately I’ve been updating our 15 year old home.. repainting the cabinets (with AMAZING General Finishes Milk paint), painting all the dining room furniture, making the ugly dining room table into a farm table I love, trimming windows.. you get the idea. My friends keep telling me I need to SHARE… so I decided to start this blog to share my experiences (because Lord knows that I have learned from reading so many other  blogs and TOTALLY appreciate it) and to keep me accountable with my projects.

So, welcome to my home sweet blog!

My family, cheerleaders, and support staff:

Mr. Muscles (and head cheerleader), the Teenager (“that’s pretty cool, Mom”) and Sporty Spice (“I wanna do it!”). 

Beau & Bonnie (head of product inspections and security.. from squirrels and other dogs walking by the house!).