Painting Furniture with General Finishes Milk Paint

Take your old furniture from Drab to Fab with Milk Paint!


Have I mentioned how much I love using General Finishes Milk Paint to paint my old furniture new again? It has worked many wonders in my house! Remember my Farmhouse table? Well, the hutch came out EVEN BETTER (if that’s possible)!

As I mentioned in my Farmhouse table makeover, this lovely hutch was about 10 years old and was begging for a make-over.


Products I used:

General Finishes Milk Paint in Persian Blue
General Finishes Winter White glaze
General Finishes High Performance Top Coat
Screwdriver (to remove the hardware and hinges)
Paint brush (my handy Purdy paint brush!)


First, I had to clear out the hutch. I underestimated how much STUFF I had in the drawers! Great time to declutter and organize! Then I cleaned the entire hutch with my multipurpose cleaner (I’m a Mr. Clean fan). I removed all the knobs and put them in a plastic cup. Then I removed the doors and put that hardware in a cup. Next was removing the glass front doors and taking the glass out.. carefully!

The next step was so much fun I was beside myself (har-har).. taping off all of the mirrors in the back of the hutch. But WHEW!, once that was done, time to get on to the good stuff!

No sanding or priming needed with milk paint!!!!!! I just painted on 2 coats of my General Finishes Persian Blue milk paint. It dries SO FAST!

I then applied the General Finishes Winter White glaze. Small areas at a time..paint on, then wipe off with a rag before it dries. Depending on the look you want will dictate how much you leave on. What I like about the winter white glaze is that it gives a weathered look.

Finally, I painted on 2 coats of the General Finishes High Performance Top Coat. The most rewarding part – PULLING OFF ALL THE TAPE! And of course, I had to put all the hardware and hinges back on and put the glass back in. 1 piece of glass did break in the shuffle. $20 later from the local glass store and we were back in business!

It’s been about 4 months since I painted the hutch and I have had ZERO problems with the paint… no chipping, no peeling, ect.. I really do love how easy GF Milk Paint is to work with! And no sanding or priming?!?!?! WHHHAAAATTTTTT!!!! CRAZY TALK!  But its TOTALLY true!

Stay tuned for the final Dining room reveal (I finally ordered the new chandelier today… so coming VERY SOON!)